Hey, I'm Iain McConchie but most people call me Konch on account of the surname.

I'm a Designer who's been working in the digital design industry for 14 years. That's a fair amount of time where I've worked on websites, mircosites and advertising at a bunch of decent places including MTV, Disney & TBG Digital

I'm currently Head of Design (and a Design Director) at The App Business where we create delightful software products for clients like McLaren, News UK, Mercedes, Sotheby's, Sky, I could go on...

It's a really good gig and making touchy feely digital things that people care about and use daily is pretty cool. This whole software thing might be just going somewhere.

If it's of any interest I use VSCO to make my photos look 10 times better than they should and you can generally catch up on what I'm working on at Dribbble. I'm also easily followed on Twitter.